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Kaiser-T is one of the latest names in the Hardstyle Scene.
The young Portuguese producer started at the age of 16 within the realm of Techno music, moving over to the EDM in the following years until the start of his producing path.

In 2008, Kaiser-T discovers the Hardstyle music and instantly falls in love with the speedy beats and heart and mind blowing melodies.
As the hard scene was almost non existent in Portugal at the time, he kept on producing EDM and working on it in order get further experience and richer producing skills.

In 2016, the turning point of his career arrived, he felt the moment had come for him to follow his true dream and to become 100% dedicated to the Hardstyle scene, and to put all of his heart and soul in the grammar that expresses the most his deepest and rawest feelings.

In 2019, Kaiser-T will be performing full steam, holding high and strongly the flag of the music he truly loves, and by affirming himself as the face of the Portuguese Hardstyle.