Alexis da Luz, 18 years old, known in the music industry as ALEX T, is trying to build a name into DJiing and music prodution in Portugal and Worldwide, he has been getting support from names like Diego Miranda, ANGEMI, KEVU, TWIIG, among others.

Alexis has been performing into Portugal a lot, his biggest dates till now have been at Nature Festival (Caldas da Rainha), Summer Fest (São Martinho do Porto), Semana Académica (Setúbal), Festival Secundario (Gouveia, under his alias Unleashers). Alex consider himself ecletic and versatile, he doesn't like to stick to genres, he has been producing into EDM, and he's been trying to adventure himself into another genres of music.

Live, he sticks to same motto, he plays lots of genres into EDM, jumping to others styles, like Rock, Rap, Hip-hop, among others.